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Just Flown in from France, Tsarskaya Oysters

The Cancale oyster has been the food of kings since the dawn of time. Even Roman emperors had the oysters delivered for their fabulous banquets. Later, the Cancale oysters would always have a place on the tables of Henri IV, François 1st, Louis XIII, Louis XIV, Marie-Antoinette, Robespierre, Desmoulins, Danton, John Singer Sargent and Signac.

But the biggest oyster enthusiasts were none other than the Tsars of Russia.

Over a century ago, the oysters left for St Petersburg and were presented on the TSARS' tables, alongside caviar or Vodka. As an homage to these illustrious food lovers the TSARSKAYA oyster was created. Just like the fabulous era that inspired its creation, this oyster is firm, meaty and is exclusively farmed in Cancale. Its refinement gives it a unique flavour that was so dear to the TSARS, and which is today appreciated by all food lovers in Russia. The TSARSKAYA represents the essence of what the Russians love about Cancale oysters, and therefore makes it the real Pearl of the Tsars.

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