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Merdeka Champagne Brunch

Celebrate this Merdeka Day with Champagne Brunch here in Restaurant Markus !!

31st August (Wednesday) 11:30am till 2pm featuring Suenen Champagne & Chablis hosted by Dave Chan of Wine Journey

Call us now to make your reservation !! +6042261443 OR +60108831443 OR email

Information about the producers of the features drinks


"Aurélien Suenen is one of the up and coming stars in the world of grower Champagne, make no mistake about it."

- John Gilman, View from the Cellar.

Aurélien Suenen (pictured) took charge of his family’s Cramant estate in 2009, when he was just 23 years old. The Suenen family had been making champagne since the 1940s, but it was Bernard who began estate-bottling in earnest after the Second World War.

Suenen owns five hectares of vines, spread over 17 parcels: three hectares are in the Côte des Blancs, in the villages of Cramant, Chouilly and Oiry, and two are in the Massif de St-Thierry, planted with pinot noir and meunier. His vineyard work is largely organic, with some trials in biodynamics, but he prefers to explore his own path rather than adhere to predetermined systems. In this he is heavily influenced by his friend and mentor Pascal Agrapart, another grower whose vineyard work is highly conscientious and quality-oriented without being easily categorized.

Suenen’s non-vintage brut is called the Cuvée Réserve, made up of roughly 46 percent pinot noir, 43 percent meunier and 11 percent chardonnay. A small portion of the blend—less than ten percent—is vinified in barrel, and it’s dosed low, at 5 g/l.

BASED YEAR 2012 is available:

A highly approachable,

Suenen’s non-vintage blanc de blancs comes entirely from the grand cru villages of Cramant, Chouilly and Oiry, and like the Réserve, it’s dosed well within extra brut levels.

BASED YEAR 2012 is available:

The wine is lovely and very elegant in profile, offering up scents of apple, tart pear, chalky minerality, a hint of the brioche to come and a gently smoky topnote. On the palate the wine is crisp, complex and full-bodied, with lovely mousse, excellent focus and balance and a long, bright and refined finish. Fine juice in the making, but there may be a bit of a delay in this coming to market, as Monsieur Suenen is not going to rush it just because he decided to declassify the 2011 version. Rated JG92.

This blanc de blancs is also used as the base for the Rosé, where it’s blended with 11 percent of red wine, purchased from a grower in Verzenay. Suenen notes that even in the rosé, chardonnay is the most important component: “I don’t want a fruity rosé,” he says. “I’m looking for a red wine that adds color but that doesn’t overly mark the wine.”

BASED YEAR 2012 is available:

Not rated yet as this is the 2nd release. Leaning toward precision & focus from the Chardonnay instead of the power and fruits from the Pinot Noir.


ANTONIO GALLONI - VINOUSMEDIA.COM " Pattes Loup is arguably the single most exciting young domaine in Chablis today. Proprietor Thomas Picoowns five hectares of vineyards under his name and purchases additional fruit from vineyards owned by his father but that Pico farms himself, all in Courgis and Chablis itself. Both sets of vineyards are farmed biodynamically. Stylistically, Pico's wines remind me of the laser-like focus of Cedric Bouchard's Champagnes COMBINED with the richness and inner sweetness found in the wines of the late Didier Dagueneau. Simply put, these are some of the most ground-breaking, intensely captivating wines being made in Chablis today. Readers should do whatever they can to taste them. Thomas Pico is just a bit past his 30th birthday, but he is already on his way to becoming a superstar. "

LETTIE TEAGUE - Wine Columnist, The Wall Street Journal

" One of these new superstars, Thomas Pico of Domaine Pattes Loup, hand-harvests all of his grapes and ferments his wines in oak, concrete and stainless-steel tanks, depending on the particular wine. (His basic Chablis is fermented in concrete and steel tanks while his premier cru wines are fermented in older oak barrels.) But the style is consistent throughout: Pattes Loup wines are dense and richly textured and yet seemingly weightless in that way that only Chablis can be. Another word for this is transparent. In fact, transparency is key to all great Chablis, and the term is invoked almost as often as is acidity. "

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