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Parking is now available for our customers

We have rented an open space for the convenience of our customers to park their vehicles !! And its just a minute walk away to our restaurant.

Currently no lighting nor parking attendant provided; however we plan to have them soon !!

The parking is only available for:

Weekdays (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday) 6pm till 11pm

Weekends (Saturday & Sunday) 12noon till 11pm

Location of the carpark is at the corner of Jalan Kelawai & Jalan Cantonment. In an abandon banglow lot located next to Public Bank Pulau Tikus.

General Parking Conditions and Disclaimer

  1. This is a service provided by a Third Party which TLC Food & Wine Sdn Bhd (Markus Restaurant) bares no responsibility for.

  2. Parking is only available for Weekdays 6pm till 11pm & Weekends from 12noon till 11pm strictly for our customers only.

  3. Neither TLC Food & Wine Sdn Bhd nor any of its servants, agents or contractors accepts liability for any theft or loss of, or damage, howsoever caused, to vehicles, accessories or contents incurred on the premises of the car park.

  4. Vehicles and their contents that are left in this car park at the owner’s sole risk in all respects.

  5. Any liability of TLC Food & Wine Sdn Bhd or any of its servants, agents or contractors for personal injury.

  6. The parking is stricly for Markus Restaurant Customers use only.

  7. No extended or overnight parking is allowed. Cars that are still parked in the land after the closing hours of the restaurant will be clamped and/or towed. Which a cost will be incccured to the owner of the vehicle.

  8. The placing of a vehicle in the car park shall be deemed to be an unqualified acceptance of these conditions.

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